The Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009 is a Real Law to stop the creation and production of minotaurs, mermaids, hobbits, wizards, unicorns, liburals, gays, fairies, and orcs that are made in libural laboratories. This law is meant to keep America safe and to stop the hippie bear loving liburals from turning America into Narnia and to stop the Obama administration from playing with fetuses and their stem cell.

America in The Future: Edit

Mermaids Demand Equal RightsEdit

Minotaurs Marries Our Wymin!Edit

Wolfman runs for President!!Edit

Arizona Passes Law: No Human-Animal Hybrid and Illegal Mexican-American Hybrid Act of 2010Edit

Arizona has just recently passed a new law to stop these freaks of nature abominations. There is clear evidence that these hybrids are already walking among us and some of them are even pretending to be human American!

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