is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.
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Governments are organizations of bureaucrats who take Americans money away from them. They hate America, and want to hurt Our Troops and The Baby Jesus. They should be reduced to the size where they can be drowned in a bathtub.

Is There A Difference Between Government, Bureaucrat and Administration?Edit


When an administration does something bad, it means all government is bad.

When a bureacrat hurts The Baby Jesus that means the function of all regulation is to clone His stem cells, re-resurrect Him, then re-crucify Him.

It should be obvious that government/bureaucrat/administration is bad.

And that they are all the same thing.

Only privatization can save America.

Where Governments Take Americans Monies ToEdit

Governments are bad, and they want to hurt everything America stands for. Including our freedoms. Governments will sneak into your computer and while you are disctracted by internet porn, they steal your identity and your money.

Governments always lie about what they do with our money, but researchers at Patrick Henry College, Liberty University and Bob Jones University were able to track down how these terrorists spend our money:

  1. roads (pot-hole-ridden)
  2. schools (non-Christian)
  3. military (gay ones)
  4. police and fire departments (also gay ones)
  5. satellite communications (for gay porn, what else?)
  6. socialized medicine (Commies)
  7. non-Corporate welfare (the horror)

Levels of GovernmentEdit

In America, there are three basic levels of Government:

  1. Local Governments
  2. State Governments
  3. Federal Government

The purpose of Local Governments (cities, counties, etc.) is to collect taxes to pay for shortfalls in the budgets of the next level of government: State Governments.

State Governments use the taxes from Local Governments to to pay for shortfalls in their budgets because they must cover the shortfalls from the next level of government: Federal Government.

The Federal Government wisely spends the few tax dollars they receive from the Local Government and State Governments to fund the many important and necessary anti-terrorism programs, such as:

  1. Domestic Spying
  2. The Iraqi Adventure
  3. The World Torture Tour
  4. Corporate Welfare Subsidies
  5. tax cuts
  6. world-wide image improvements (for Republicans only, liberals will have to contend with the bad reputation being created for them if they ever get to power)

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