Baby Jesus
The GodTube
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!

Either listen to God through The GodTube or as the voice in your head. Either way, it'll be the unvarnished truth.

Advertisement for GodTube since the official launch.

Friend, do you feel alone in this world? Are you in need of answers to many of life's questions, but don't want to wade through thousands of years worth of Biblical text? Is reading not "your thing?" Can you not find any spiritual nourishment in the secular cesspool that is The YouTube now that it is so Stephen-deficient? Then hearken to The GodTube!. It's the perfect holy matrimony of conservapedia and The Family Channel.

Atheist Viewing the GodTube

Unfortunately, at this time, The GodTube is not able to make the head of an atheist explode with a satisfying "pop," only reduce them to a puddle that is then sucked into the sky after liquidation.

The GodTube was founded in the year of our Lord, January 2007 as a belated birthday gift to Jesus. The GodTube is a Christian video sharing site in the same vein as The YouTube, with the caveat that its users will not be going to Hell.

Users may upload God-inspired content to The GodTube and may view other God-centric Godtent free of charge*. It is unknown the reaction other "religions" will have once The GodTube inevitably becomes popular. Some suspect these cults may start their own tubes or use The YouTube to subvert the actions of The GodTube, but it is believed this will only hasten the rapture, thus concluding in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Since GodTube's official launch in August of 2007, it's been the fastest growing site on the internet and has grown at a miraculous rate of 973% due to the shame based traffic of those who view porn and religious content through tubes.[1]

* (spiritualpaymentsmayvary,checkyourlocalpurveyorofGodlinessforfurtherdetails)

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  • Wired story where Kirk Cameron is in a GodTube vid where a Sonny Bono-looking guy uses a banana to disprove atheism. I mean, Kirk Cameron.
  • Baby Got Bible. Um, like, who doesn't? Narnia, puh-lease.

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