Al Franken
The Geneva Conventions has earned

A typical Swiss legislative meeting.

The Geneva Conventions are an archaic set of principles that once put in place a system of standards to which International law, heeding the fierce cries of "Achtung!" imposed upon it by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Henry Dunant, was intended to heel. One need only read 11/17 of "Geneva Conventions," however, to realize precisely what they actually are: "conventions." And the Bush Administration has earned an illustrious reputation for flouting conventions ever since its inauguration, earning its innovative approaches to the medium of international and wartime politics vociferous praise from the most avant-garde of political circles, if not from the stale, ossifying practitioners of the "old" order whom only the insistently progressive drumbeat of history will put in their place. The Bush Administration has provided, with its radically subversive approach to everything held sacred by the unthinking elite, yet another footnote in the history of rabble-rousing, anarchic youths shocking the bourgeoisie out of their complacency. This method has already earned the current government the title of the most "Joycean" of American presidential administrations, due to its insistent, wildly experimental reinvention of societal norms and mores as well as to its eventual sightlessness due to river blindness.

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