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Are you wondering where you or someone else you know fits on the great Gay Spectrum? This page is intended to help you find out who and what is gay (and perhaps more importantly, who and what isn't gay). Please review our handy lists below for up-to-the-minute information, and check yourself against the Gaydar Spectrum scale provide.

Not sure where you land on the Spectrum? Be sure to check out, The DeGeneres Paradox.

For more general information about The Gays, including how they are ruining our country and why they are an abomination in the eyes of God, please see the Gay page.


Definitely Not GayEdit

Values on the Gaydar Spectrum
(Figure 1.)
1: Definitely Not Gay
2: Ex-Gay
3: Maybe Gaybe
4: Delusions of Gaydeur
5: Ambiguously Gay
6: Closetly Gay
7: Gay Friendly
8: Pretty Darn Gay
9: Way Gay
10: Dangerously Gay
11: UberGay
12: Reserved for Ru-Paul


Maybe GaybeEdit

During the House of Representatives debate of HR3685, America's Defenders introduced a new term to describe the "Maybe Gaybe" category of gayness: perceived.

Outed by a known communist (Bill Maher) on Larry King, so this probably isn't true, right?
According to Stephen, his fellow Daily Show correspondent is now the star of the Gay T.V. series "The Orifice"

Madonna britney

Delusions of Gaydeur.

Delusions of GaydeurEdit

Ambiguously GayEdit

Closetly.... gayEdit

Strangers noblet shooting

Chuck and Geoffrey demonstrate one technique for remaining Closetly ... gay

Gay FriendlyEdit


If this image arouses you, don't worry, you're not necessarily gay; you're just human.

Pretty Darn GayEdit


If this image doesn't arouse you, you're probably a gay Democrat

Way GayEdit

Gay as the Day is LongEdit

Florida Democrat and NAMBLA member

Queer as a Three Dollar BillEdit

Demi banana

If this image arouses you, seek professional help immediately.

Dangerously GayEdit

Criminally GayEdit

NEA GayEdit


See AlsoEdit

The DeGeneres Paradox


  1. Gayclinton
  2. Thank you Ann Coulter for letting us know.

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