WARNING: By choosing to visit
The Gay Community
you have contracted Teh Ghey!

Report to the closest authorized de-gayification church near you to begin ungayification immediately.

The Gay Community is the nationless, borderless world-wide group of sleeper cells hell-bent on pushing the gay agenda on normal Americans.

Why Does America Acknowledge Their Existence?Edit

America is a Christian nation and as such, Americans do not acknowledge the existence of people and/or theories that are not first acknowledged by the Bible.

Good Americans do not have to explain why they acknowledge the existence of these abominations (Leviticus 20:13), but they know it is important to know thine enemy.

Here are the most important reasons why Americans must know that gayness and the community that nurtures it:

  1. because they won't stop trolling public bathrooms or trying to touch little boys.
  2. because we want someone to blame for the feelings we occasionally feel in the sauna at the club, at ballet when Mikhail Baryshnikov is on stage or at camp when we were kids.
  3. because if they want to be joined in marriage just like us, that makes our marriages no better than theirs and less in the eyes of the Lord - loving each other, wanting to raise children, contributing to society and having your love one next to you at your death bed are not enough, there must be obedience and fear to stay on the path of the righteous.

Where The Gay Community Can Be FoundEdit

How The Gay Community GrowsEdit

The Gay Community grows by recruiting easily influenced and vulnerable, nubile, young people. Gays tend to recruit in Scouting organizations, community pools, public high school band and acting programs, ballet classes, Art Schools, generally and by adopting. If we adhere to Biblical adoption criteria and severely limit who gets to be in these social settings, gayness would soon disappear and then our military would not have to worry about them anymore.

After all, just like straight sex-ed, kids would not think about this unless someone told them so gays wouldn't think of this unless someone corrupted them - I'm looking at you, Interior Decorators and UHaul Sales people.

The Only Way To Stop The Spread of GaynessEdit

MARRY THE OPPOSITE SEX!!!! It is that easy as long as you live in denial and don't act like a woman trapped in a man's body, (picking out fuschia instead of tangerine because it would be harder to clean)we would all be living in a world where words like "faggot" and such do not exist. Honestly even though I do not support the gayness I also do not slander it because that is not right.

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