God Touching Adam
"The Flat Earth Society"
you have been touched in a very special way.

The Flat Earth Society is a group of scientists, who challenge the factonista hierarchy with an alternative theory of Earth Sciences.


Paul Kidby Discworld

The Earth is flat and is at the back of four elephants and a giant turtle that flies into space. Which makes way more sense than a round world.

According with the "word" of God the earth is flat, but some "liberal" explorer, known as Columbus (a foreigner), decided that the world was round (if the world is round, how come we don't see curves?). This "fact" became very popular with the gays and liberals who wanted to confront church doctrine. Not happy with just corrupting the youth and society with his crazy idea, Mr Explorer decided to immigrate to America to bring his European science with him.

But Real Americans cannot be fooled, the idea of "round world" is too wild and radical. This liberal lie that the world is "round" was the invention of atheists and liberals who are trying to confuse the faithful. Which is why the society was created, to uncover the liberal conspiracy that is trying to keep Real Americans from learning the truth. Our 'guts' tell us that the world is "flat", NOT "round".

Factiness or Why the world is not roundEdit

  • The Bible says so.
  • Do you feel any spinning? No? Then the world is flat, it is actually gliding into space!

Contributions To ScienceEdit

The pizza was inspired by a "flat earth"!


Flat TubesEdit

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