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The First Olympics were created in 1936 by the man known as Adolf Hitler. After consulting with the Baby Jesus, Hitler promoted the first international sporting event.

The Olympics were initially only supposed to last for one year, until Hitler & Baby Jesus's great idea caught on to the general public.

In The BeginningEdit

The beginning of the Olympics was a dark time for Christianity in Europe. The Jews were invading the holiest of locations and upsetting the Baby Jesus.

To combat this deadly stream of lies, the Olympics were created. The first Olympics featured such events as Cross-country Jew Shooting and Jew Sled.

At first, women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics as it was feared that their fragile souls would be destroyed by the Jews that were part of the events. In this time period it was advisable to keep Jews away from your women, but it was okay to have a Jewish lawyer or accountant.

Also, in regards to women, no French women were allowed to compete, watch, or even know about the Olympics. This was due to their remarkable resemblence to bears. The people that were committed to providing security against bears did not want one to get in disguised as a French woman.

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