The Exorcism Squad was an American television program created by a Vatican official to coincide with the release of Vatican 2: Electric Bugaloo in 1962. V2: EB was The One True Church's first movie musical sung completely in English.

The story revolved around three young, nubile--yet delinquent--members of a small church in a nondescript American metropolitan city.

Their rascalism catches the eye of the headmaster at the school, who decides to put their mischievous energies to a better use: exorcizing Satan from their fellow whorish and negroid friends.

The three members of The Exorcism Squad were:

  • Pete Cochran, the lovable white boy caught up with the wrong crowd
  • Linc Hayes, the brother with the glorious afro
  • Julie Barnes, the whore who tries everything at least three times

Father Adam Greer lead his plucky crew on many misadventures in his quest to return all the lost sheep back into his flock.

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