Saddams cat

Stephen did not shout 'Muqtada!'

The Execution of Saddam Hussein got Stephen's 2007 off to a lousy start, as The Colbert Report was on hiatus for the holidays. Or so we were told!

The hanging of this despot was still bungled from the get-go by not delaying the event until after Stephen returned from Iraq. It was a public relations failure and as senior Army officials have said:

"If you're asking me if we would have done things differently, yes we would have."

Plans for Saddam's death on The Report included pyrotechnics, Tony Bennett, and Stephen Colbert's Execution Squad Dancers, which only hurts us, the heroes.

This hangcastrophe is the latest in a string of disappointing dictatorial deaths for Stephen, who missed the weekend deaths of Slobodan Milosevic and Augusto Pinochet earlier in 2006.

We are running out of FUSSDIRAGs for Stephen to cover fully when they come up for execution.

From now on, all executions must occur Monday-Thursday during the 42 weeks per year that The Report is on the air.

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