A landmark ruling that was the catalyst of the fall of the Castro regime in Havana.

The case decided a long-unsolved shooting that occured in the famous "Copacabana" nightclub and front for communism in Castro's Cuba.

Like the assasination of Franz Ferdinand, "Lola v Copa", started with one gunshot and reverberated throughout the known world.


After the revolution in Cuba, Castro grew bored with power. He yearned for the many nights he spent lambada-ing in dark and humid nightclubs. He missed carousing with his friends. He missed envying capitalists.

He blamed America for all his newfound power and its accompanying woes. He vowed America would pay for his now unfulfilled desires and drab green clothing.

Castro hatched a plot to infiltrate American's favorite "hot-spot","The Copacabana"just north of Havana, to spy on the many American tourists who flocked there.

Two Castro operatives, "Tony" and "Lola" obtained employment there. Tony as a bartender, Lola as a dancer.

CIA Counter OffensiveEdit

America had been watching every move made by Castro since he toppled the regime of Fulgencio Arbusto Batista. Batista was the beloved leader of Cuba until then.

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