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The Earth Is Not Flat
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.



Yes it is. Anyone who says it isn't is a heretic and will burn in Hell. This is true. I've been to the edge of the earth and seen the horrors befalling the ships that sail off of it.

As the Greeks believed, or knew, was true. The earth is flat. Any images of a spherical earth are purely and obviously photoshopped by the american government. With the help of NASA the CIA developed photoshop in the mid 50's. But thats another story for another wikiality page.

The earth is obviously flat or all the Chinese would literally fall off into space never to be found again. Duh. That hasn't happened. Take that science.

Here's a little experiment for you kids!! Take one balloon put try and put things on the bottom of it. They fall off. Take one plate put things on top of it. They stay on. Take that science. Bitch.

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