"The Draft"
was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
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Baby Jesus
The Draft
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!
ATTENTION: This Page is for Real Americans™ ONLY
If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.

Can You Feel The Draft?

The Draft will be a current of cool air that Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York vows to bring to the steamy and stuffy House of Representatives next year. Hopefully it will cool America off for a little while, it's hot.

Great News!Edit

That is great news for our nation's Godfearing Conservatives. Conservatives will be priority. After all, What better way can our good Red Blooded American Conservatives show their support to our Great Troops by taking their place?

Not only can you say "Support Our Troops" and wave the Greatest American Flag ever, you will now be one of "Our Troops",watching flags waved at you from aboard a jet or ship going to the Middle East!

Isn't God Good, Conservatives! Jesus will love you for it, I promise and may you enter into Heaven, Amen.

Sorry for you godless hellbound Liberals, Jesus only wants warriors who fear him to fight in wars only, not people who Hurt The Baby Jesus and make him cry.

Stephen Wants A Draft, TooEdit

On the December 18, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report Stephen called for the reactivation of the Selective Service, to shake the complacency of America's college-age men and women. Their instant anti-war stance will no doubt lead to an incident so reprehensible it would make the rest of America hate these neo-hippies more than they hate the Iraq War or the Bush Administration.

The resulting rejection of the new hippie values would lead the majority of Mr. and Mrs. Joe America to become Republicans in a Transformer-like metamorphosis that echoes the Reagan Revolution of the post-Vietnam era. The resulting conservative tide would sweep the Democrats from power in 2008 and usher in decades of glorious Republican rule. Bullet point termed this the "2020 Vision."

Reinstate the draft: It's a win-win.

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