The Dr. Pepper Interview Quench Zone
is an essential component of
The Colbert Report studio atop the Statue of Liberty

The Greatest Interview Zone Formerly Known As The Axe Body Spray Interview Zone, The Dr. Pepper Interview Quench Zone is where Dr. Colbert nails guests with the balls to show up for a nailing, but without the balls to really take it!

The first guest to be nailed in The Dr. Pepper Interview Quench Zone was Lucas ConleyEpisode #430, who tried to rebrand it with an inferior beverage.

After Dr. Colbert was able to show how superior Dr. Pepper and its 23 distinct flavors are to other carbonated sodas, interviews are promptly and throughly quenched in the zone Mondays through Thursdays 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Check your local listings.

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