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The Death Book (aka Death Note) is a book that Barack Hussein Obama is using to kill all of America's Veterans so he can save money. We have asked too much from them and now we should use all of our resources to provide these poor bastards the best Health Care money can buy respect their Right to Life!

History of The Death Book/Note: "Your Life Death, Your Choice"Edit

How The Death Book/Note Works:Edit

The Japanese are already using their own version of The Death Book to kill their "undesirables"...
(actually that is not a bad idea...)
  1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
  3. If the cause of death is written within 6 minutes and 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.
  4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
  5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


To Read further instructions, follow this link

Why Must Veterans Die:Edit


Obama is so cheap that is taking the work of murdering Real American Veterans from the American Grim Reaper and outsourcing it to a Japanese Shinigami
(he gets paid in apples... wait... that is cheap!)

Who is a Real VeteranEdit

  • WWII soldiers
  • Iraqi War Veterans (from both Wars)
  • Veterans from the War on Terror.
  • Iran War Vet...
  • John McCain
  • George W. Bush

Who is NOT a Real VeteranEdit

The Homeless and those Vietnam Veterans. First, a veteran could never be homeless in America, so if a homeless man tells you he is a vet he is lying. Second, anyone who fought in a failed war is not a Real Hero but a loser. If you want to be recognize as Real Veterans go back to Vietnam and finish the job. No one likes a quitter!

Who Supports The Use of The Death Note/BookEdit

Who Doesnt Support The Use of The Death Note/BookEdit

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