Single Door Deep Freezer

Also contains 100% Florida under and overvotes.

The Contents of Karl Rove's Basement Freezer were a closely guarded secret which erupted into a scandal on June 11, 2007 when Stephen Colbert accidentally mentioned the freezer during the airing of The Colbert Report.


  • Frozen puppy blood
  • Frozen tears of 1000 virgins
  • Frozen torsos of political opponents
  • Frozen rack of lamb
  • Jell-O™ Pudding Pops®
  • Bill Cosby's career
  • A smaller freezer belonging to Dick Cheney who's contents are far too controversial to get into
  • Those sausages filled with cheese
  • The Greatest President Ever's watch
  • Walt Disney's frozen head
  • Dick Cheney's original heart.

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