The Conan O'Brien Show


O'Brien's producer

The Conan O'Brien Show is a late night talk show on NBC TBS hosted by Conan O'Brien, one of the nation's few living giants.

Massive SizeEdit

Due to O'Brien's mighty size, the sets are built to the size of several sky scrapers and all guests are increased in size using a secret goverment gigantisim ray.

The BrawlEdit

As the final battle of the infamous "Huckabee Maker" war of 2008, legendary warrior Stephen Colbert and his young (or just short) ward and Conan creator Jon Stewart crashed into the dreaded rat infested halls of NBC and beat Mr. O'Brien to a bloody pulp. Part of this brawl was televised on O'Brien's program, but due to extreme blood and partial nudity, the print of the entire fight was sealed in the Ark of the Covenant and locked in an unknown cellar.

Final Program In New YorkEdit

Conan O'Brien, Next Media Animation feud over knock-off 'Taiwanese' animation01:30

Conan O'Brien, Next Media Animation feud over knock-off 'Taiwanese' animation

Conan on basic cable
  • set Abe Vigoda free
  • gave away portions of the set including:
    • La Bamba's bandstand
    • the railing behind his seat, which protects people from falling into the fake city below
    • a decorative vertical portion of the wall behind Max, which will be chopped into pieces and distributed throughout his audience that evening
  • President Bush made an appearance (he was in the area renting the latest "Larry the Cable Guy" video)
    • nicknamed Conan "Conebone"
    • did a spot-on imitation of comedian Will Farrell's leprechaun strip tease
  • Andy Richter reminisces
    • revealing he was born with a pixel
    • "The Conan O'Brien Story" starring Jim Carrey
    • Ginger, the German Shepherd's affinity for guns
    • "Conan" (A Ken Burn's Film)
    • that one time Conan and Andy went on daytime TV for a segment on "Sidekicks who Dress Too Sexy"
    • the time Harry Conick Jr. sang to Conan
    • "Studio 6A" starring Liev Shreiber as "Conan O'Brien"
  • he finally ended the show thanking each and every person who worked on his staff by name, then ...
    • he cried like a girl, finally ...
    • he walked amongst his studio audience hugging members and handing out pieces of the set

Final Program On NBCEdit

Conan looked at his audience and said, "Hey, didn't I already do something like this last year back in New York?"

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