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The Manual. It's BLUE!

The Emergency Evacuation Manual is used when anything endangers Stephen Colbert.

Phase 1: Save StephenEdit

The first step in saving the Nation is saving the founder of the Nation, Dr. Stephen Colbert. At the top of the studio, there is a helicopter. Stephen is to be placed on this helicopter and whisked away to an undisclosed location. This location is most likely George W. Bush's ranch in Texas, or Papa Bear's studio. Where ever the location may be, rest assured that Mr. Colbert is now safer than everybody else.

Phase 2: Saving Stephen's StaffEdit

This is not phase 2. Please see phase 2.5 for phase 2.

Phase 2.5: Phase 2: Saving Stephen's StuffEdit

The second step in saving the Nation is saving everything valuable to Stephen. And by everything valuable, I mean everything. Can the Nation support a leader if the leader does not have enough pictures of himself? The answer is yes. Because Dr. Stephen Colbert has been a leader since the beginning of time (which is thought to be a Wednesday). Any true American can follow Stephen Colbert. But just as any heterosexual, George W. Bush supporting man, Dr. Colbert needs himself too.

Liberally wrap bubble wrap around every photo of Stephen, every possession of Stephen, and every piece of furniture. No essential item left behind. It's in the law.

Phase 3: Save StaffEdit

Avoid elevators. Briskly walk (running is for pussies) down 34 flights of stairs. The only staff that is to be saved are the non-handicapped.

Phase 4: Save ShowEdit

Proceed to the Col-Bunker. The Nation needs to be kept aware what is going on. Please note that even though the bunker has an exact replica of the studio, no one is to sit in Dr. Colbert's seat. The seat radiates pure gravitas, and no regular citizen is to try and duplicate that.

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