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November 3, 2008
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The Check-InEdit

  • Dr. Colbert discusses the election day special
    • he will be mentoring His Jewish Friend to meet some community service requirements
  • Dr. Colbert recommends Republicans move to Ohio
    • and hire some college kids to help you move and lock them in the trunk


  • Which Way The Win Blows
"Who are the real winners in this election!? Don't ask me, ask Joe The Plumber's agent!"
  • Johnny Rebel
"Plus, what does it take to be a maverick!? I say it's: ten percent inspiration, ninety percent voting with George Bush!"
  • Sullivan's Drivels
"Then, my guest Andrew Sullivan says conservatives should support Obama! Well, McCain's campaign managers certainly have done their part!"

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You're watching the best political team on my show!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
November 3, 2008 The Colbert Report

Election EveEdit

  • Dr. Colbert started the show performing a yoga position
    • stretching the old hammies
  • Election Eve
  • macaroni salad and Tums for John McCain
    • leave pamphlets linking Obama to Bill Ayers
  • Some results we know already
    • foreclosed homes
    • offshore oil
    • bartlet pears
  • Losers
    • The Letter "G"
    • Guggenheim
    • goucho pants
      • only W was used less often
    • Next president should send all "G" to Guantanamo Uantanamo
  • winners
    • numbers
      • They were everywhere
    • Sesame Street had best political coverage

Numbers And Their BiasEdit

  • founder chief editor Cook Political Report, Charlie Cook
    • why should Stephen should care?
      • That's how people keep score
    • No one cares about numbers, every poll shows it
  • numbers are biased
    • have a liberal agenda
  • he predicts it will be real, real big
    • unwinnable race for John McCain
      • Obama will win by a healthy margin
    • this proves he is biased
  • numbers are in the tank for Obama
  • Cook advises politicians to steal all the votes you can!

How To Be A MaverickEdit

  • John McCain & Sarah Palin will win, because they are Mavericks
    • she is a maverick, she will run in 2010
  • How To Be A Maverick
    • they don't do what's expected
    • spontaneity
    • don't listen to authority
  • The word "Maverick" came from a Texas cattle baron
    • unbranded, uneaten cow
  1. Don't follow the rules
  2. There are no rules

1. Actions speak Louder than words, unless they're "I'm A Maverick!"

  • Mnemonic device:


  • Yodeling while an elephant is being born


  • why are conservatives telling people to vote for Obama
  • he claims the Bush Amdinistaion was not conservatives
    • but it would be conservative to keep things the same way
  • wants to bring calm, reason, prudence to American government
  • doesn't think there is enough Xanax to calm McCain down
  • likes to win wars, not lose them
    • wants to beat al qaeda
      • fought them dumbly
    • win moderate Muslims
  • tried to interrupt Stephen twice, after yelling at him!
  • he can't believe bin Laden is still running around
  • the difference between Sullivan and Colbert
    • Sullivan is n ot willing to believe
    • Stephen can suspend his disbelief
  • he cannot vote, he is a limey bastard
    • the English don't have plumbers, they have Loo Mechanics
  • Sullivan hates Sarah Palin
    • claimed it showed he wasn't serious
      • showed how basey McCain is
  • Sullivan believes the American people will win tomorrow (eleciton day)
    • but Stephen isn't running anymore!


  • tomorrow is the election
  • Stephen will get his prayer on
    • praying hat
    • chips
    • (guacamole) dip
      • thous shalt not eat just one
    • prayer hands
  • Dear Lord;
Voting is the most precious freedom, please make people choose the candidate I want!
And keep an open mind about the poptart tree!
  • Dr. Colbert has spent nearly 2 years telling people what to think, now go vote!


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