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Production InfoEdit

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October 30, 2008
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  • Must Concede TV
"Barack Obama gets a half hour on TV! Big deal, I've done four-hundred and seventy of these things! Where's my presidency!?"
  • Electoral Sensory Perception
"Then, I predict the winner of the election! Bob Barr: you might want to switch over to Letterman!"
  • I Am Trying to Break Your Balls
"And rock band Wilco is here! Their real fans will listen to the interview on vinyl!"

Flag quote open clear2
Hey kids, if you need a last minute costume idea, you can always go door-to-door as a McCain campaigner!
This is
The Colbert Report!
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
October 30, 2008 The Colbert Report

Hope OperaEdit

  • Dr. Colbeft is disappointed by fall TV shows
    • no young man from South Carolina who's hiding wise-cracking alien that eats cats
  • "Hope Opera"
    • cast world's biggest celebrity
  • draws from:
    • The West Wing
    • Twilight Zone
  • if those people's stories are real, we'd need better health care
  • coupled up characters from Obama's "infomercial"
  • HMO would reject their "horn locking"
    • horn lock pre-existing condition
  • Obama's performance means he will be up for Stephen's Emmy
    • redistribute Stephen's Emmy

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the FingerEdit

  • wag for Apple Computers
    • donated 100k to fight Prop 8
    • pro gay marriage
  • iPod's new feature one-touch feature: iGay
    • GPS nearest gay wedding chapel
  • wag for Switzerland
    • plant's rights
    • dignity of living beings
  • wag at Barack Obama
    • mixed up Sanford & Son with The Jeffersons
      • Sanford's wife was Elizabeth, not Oisie (sp)
    • only 2 shows on when McCain was growing up:
      • test pattern
      • static

The DaColbert CodeEdit

  • Dr. Colbert doesn't believe in polls
  • superficial connections
  • The DaColbert Code
  • Richard Nixon killed Kennedy
  • who will be president

Attempt #1Edit

NE patriots tom brady greg brady

Attempt #2Edit

white house white guy guy smilie

Attempt #3Edit

maverick brett maverick james garner

Attempt #4Edit



Attempt #5Edit

  • McCain - President Barack Obama


  • lead singer of Wilco, whose CDs include Kicking Television, tonight, it's going to kick back, Jeff Tweedy
  • Stephen gave his flag pin to Barack Obama
    • Jeff gave Stephen a t-shirt
  • he is a rock and roller
  • labels himself as a rock and roller
    • never thought of changing his name
  • his website offers a song for free
    • he might be a socialist
    • lousy capitalists
  • traveling with Neil Young
    • critical of the president
    • Canadian
  • if Obama wins
    • both from Chicago
    • all about geography
  • met Obama before he was a Senator
    • introduced them at farm Aid
  • if Obama wins, Wilco would play at the inaugural
  • will perform a song called Wilco, the Song
  • Stephen respects naming things after oneself
    • Stephen Colbert, the Me
  • no TiVoing the exclusive song
    • that would be socialism
    • watch the commercial or you're stealing


Wilco, the Song


  • Dr. Colbert proclaimed it a number one hit and wished everybody a good night!


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