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October 16, 2008
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  • Plumbing the Depths
"I'll use a drain auger to snake out your u-trap!"
  • Sink And Destroy
"Then, I'll swipe out a tall, single-control lav faucet for a four-inch widespread set!"
  • Robert Greenwald
"Then, my guest filmmaker and political activist Robert Greenwald has gone to get the ball valve out of his truck!"

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The show is 22 minutes, but let's round it up to an hour! That'll be $800!
This is
The Joe The Plumber Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 16, 2008 The Colbert Report

The Last DebateEdit

  • John McCain needs a game changer
    • master of changing the game!
  • Obama faced all the John McCains!
  • McCain offers a solution to people who are lsoing their homes
    • they can stay at the YMCA
  • this is no longer a game
    • these guys might be running for office
  • When it comes to cutting
    • McCain is like a brain surgeon form the 16th century
  • McCain shot down charges about his negative campaigns
    • if you do not say "yes" to town hall meetings, it forces your
  • true enemies of America
    • coimmunity grouops committing voter fraud
    • fabric of democracy is being destroyed by a ACORN
  • homeless people who vote under the name "Mickey Mouse"
  • McCain made some mistakes
  • Stephen knows Joe
    • fixed his toilet when he tried to flush a terry cloth towel down it
  • Obama has never visited south of America's border
    • if you exclude Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii
  • McCain said he was not President Bush
    • they might not be you never see them together any more
  • many people believe it was a game changer
    • 87% of FOX viewers said McCain won the debate
  • Dr. Colbert called it now:
    • John McCain will be the next president of FOX news

Tooting One's HornEdit

  • Dr. Colbert doesn't toot his own horn, he's tried but he isn't that flexible
    • The Greatest Honor Not Yet received: his portrait in the National gallery
  • Treasures of American History
    • permanent value to the Nation
  • Abraham Lincoln's hat
    • where was the
  • Seinfeld Puffy Shirt
    • Washington's uniform
  • Declaration of Independence
    • very large
    • not in a National Treasure
  • Kermit the frog puppet
    • on TV, just like Stephen
  • has very happy news for The Heroes
    • National Museum of Natural History will formally accept the portrait
  • they are renovating
    • two years
  • grand re-opening
    • November 21, 2008
  • thinking of the best place to put it
  • Stephen signed some mysterious paperwork with a pen from Jefferson's desk
  • Stephen will stay young and the portrait will be old
  • Stephen got America something, and he says "you're welcome"
  • Stephen also added an authentic foot-sized interactive third dimension to the portrait


  • Robert Greenwald
  • originally went after Tom DeLay, now going after John McCain
  • what's his beef
    • investigating how many homes he owns
    • released his medical records
    • anger
  • he spreads propaganda
    • not factual
  • swift-boating John McCain
  • he is a liar, his films are lies
    • Stephen said it
      • it's out there now
  • doesn't do rumors
  • one guy looked at all his videos 33 million times
  • is a hit man and not interested in truth
  • has not spent one penny attacking Obama
  • The Lord of The Ring was an attack ad


  • Dr. Colbert wants to thank his staff and The Heroes, and himself.
  • they lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, (Dr. Colbert doesn't really know what that means)
  • the new portrait shows four Colberts the newest one holds an Emmy


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