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October 14, 2008
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  • Long John Slanders
"Critics are wondering what happened to the old John McCain!? Wait a minute, there's an older John McCain!?"
  • Sarah Plain And Flawed
"Then, Newsweek publishes an unflattering picture of Sarah Palin! Luckily, Joe Sixpack is always wearing beer goggles!"
  • Nobel Savaged
"And, my guest tonight is two-time Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz! Ladies, control yourselves!"

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They weren't booing Sarah Palin at that hockey game!
The crowd was just getting into the Halloween spirit, "BOO!"
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 14, 2008 The Colbert Report

Paul Krugmaqn Got A Nobel?!Edit

  • Dr. Colbert heard everything the mob said and gave them a hearty scream back!
  • Dow jumped 936 fell 100+ points, which means we are up 800 points if you don't count last week
    • JIm Cramer's staff sewed his head back together
  • Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize
    • for looking like a Swedish Gnome
      • America comes up Short
      • Our Sick Society
      • Our Money Is Ugly
  • When Stephen throws up in his mouth, he calls it "Krugmaning"
    • Papa Bear handed him his ass during a debate
  • Transitive Property of Nobel Prizes
    • Bill O'Reilly has won Krugman's Prize

Palin's PointEdit

  • She asked who is Barack Obama?
    • 2 biographies
    • 25 debates
    • 20 months
      • Which ice cream is his favorite with Bill Ayers? Death By Chocolate By Association
  • America knows who John McCain is
    • not currently running for president
  • If you want to see the real McCain, put a baseball in his yard
  • McCain's ads prove we can stay below the lowest common denominator
  • clue: hen McCain referred to Americans as "prisoners"
    • he is telling us is a prisoner:
      • of the economy
      • of his own reputation
      • of Sarah Palin
      • of his own Machiavellian campaign staff
  • whoever is imprisoning him, he has to be freed
  • The A-Team of congressmen who remember the old John McCain
  • having a prisoner president isn't such a bad idea
  • he's saying we're all prisoners
    • of the money we lost
    • the war we're winning
  • 8 energy we consume
    • our worst fears
  • why shouldn't a prisoner lead us?
  • the next president will be a Prisoner of W.

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the FingerEdit

  • if it's true the pen is mightier than the sword, then Dr. Colbert's pen is a bazooka
  • Wag at Newsweek
    • unflattering close up picture
  • not mustache, blow back from her last kill
  • it is a slap in the face because it is unretouched, highlights every imperfection every human being
    • she is an angel from heaven to save McCain's campaign
  • Wag at election officials in some small town in New York
    • Printed ballots that read "Barack Osama"
      • their error: forgot his middle name: Hussein
      • didn't change John McCain's name to Barack Obama
  • Wag at Kitty Station Managers
    • $10 million dollars
  • America can save our economy
    • put animals in positions of power
      • Henry Pawson
      • Ben Bunnanke
  • it will be the most adorable financial disaster you've ever seen.


  • Joseph Stiglitz
  • two-time Nobel prize winning economist, when Stephen is done with him, he'll be begging for a bailout
  • hides how angry he is with Kurgman stealing his thunder
    • Stiglitz's theories are more interesting
  • he also worked on Al Gore's project studying climate change
  • may also be pissed off that Al Gore gets all the Nobel Groupies, a sub group of Stephen's Mob
  • has not won an Emmy
    • putting Stephen in charge
  • claims there is more to the economy than the stock market, the sexy number that tells us what's going on
  • expects worst to come
  • public-private partnership is not socialism
    • private gets the profit
  • the best move is to start a giant failing bank
  • Iraq can't fix our problems
    • it is the problem
  • John McCain is an innovative thinker who saw the Iraq war as the solution to this depression as WW2 was to the first depression
  • a lot of people made money off the war
  • shipping sand from Kuwait into Iraq


  • that's it for The Report everybody, good night!


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