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October 8, 2008
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  • Town Hall Beating
"The candidates face off in a town-hall-style debate! I can't wait for their musical-hall-style debate! O-ooh-kla-bama!"
  • Scarborough Fair & Balanced
"Plus, my guest is MSNBC's Joe Scarborough! I'll ask him why his eyes are so tiny!"

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It it's called The USA Today, why is all the news from yesterday!? BUSTED!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 8, 2008 The Colbert Report

Second Presidential DebateEdit

  • it's been a long night
  • impromptu town hall during yesterday's show
  • apparently small town folk keep their pants on more than city folk
  • only thing missing form yesterday's presidential debate between McCain and Obama was Karl Rove dumping gatorade on McCain
    • 80+% chose McCain over Obama in an online poll on FOX
    • 56% thought Brit Hume was alive
  • big issue
    • financial crisis
    • both claimed to have seen it coming
    • My letter was ignored before your letter was ignored
  • Americans want a leader who was ignored before everyone else
  • gulf coast hurricanes
    • ignore the first letter, listen to the second
  • Stephen vows to find Amelia's killer "one day"
  • how could people fall for Obama's shameless pandering
  • women can't resist talking about weatherizing their homes
    • Dr. Colbert discussed several types of weatherization materials and processes with appropriate soft core lighting while holding a long stem rose

Final Days Of The Days Of RepentanceEdit

  • Dr. Colbert brings out the Atone Phone as a public service for
    • his brethren,
    • sistren
    • and he-she-thren
  • Dr. Colbert awaits calls from
    • Barney Frank
    • Bette Midler
    • Don Rickles
  • one is not allowed to burnish on Yom Kippur
  • a call Dr. Colbert did not see coming, came in
    • Gilbert Gottfried called!
      • called to apologize for Stephen's success
        • Has been wishing him (and his expensive shoes) ill
  • Stephen and Gilbert will go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua this weekend


  • he has meaty sausage-like fingers
  • what McCain has to do to win
    • Joe says it's too late
  • he has been changed by MSNBC
  • doesn't think the Iraq war hurt the GOP
    • believes it goes back to Katrina
  • likes Sarah Palin
  • He called her a rock star, you betcha!
    • if the vote were closer 1-2% race (instead of 5, 6, 7% difference) Palin would draw out the base
  • Dr. COlbert predicts McCain will pull it out via magic!


  • Dr. Colbert looks forward to his after-show routine:
  • strip down to his socks
  • ice cold bath
  • hot shower
  • hour in the sun lamp
  • suspend himself in a tank of aloe
  • drink of warm milk


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