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September 5, 2008
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  • Old Man Winner
"John McCain accepts the nomination! Looks like he called the Republicans' bluff!"
  • Betterer Know A District
"Plus, remember the congressman who couldn't remember the Ten Commandments!? Good news--that's no longer the most embarrassing thing he's ever done!"
  • Paterson Springs Eternal
"And my guest is New York governor David Paterson! You know it's going to be a great interview because he has executive experience!"

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Well, we made it through another presidential election! (looks off camera) What! TWO MORE MONTHS?!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
September 5, 2008 The Colbert Report

On The Road With Dr. ColbertEdit

  • St. Paul
  • New Orleans
  • Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport
    • Member of TSA to legally perform cavity search
    • apologizes to employees of Cinnabun, they should keep their frosting where people can find it
  • St. Paul
  • Dr. Colbert missed a great party
    • Palin had some monshiine made from distilled elk marrow
    • Mitt Romney let down a hair
  • come balloons are left over
  • St. Paul
    • Taste of the Yucatan at Tejas!

Recap Of The RNC's Final DayEdit

  • Lindsay Graham
    • utter a lie that has never been uttered before: thank God for Joe Lieberman
      • play Black Sabbath's War Pigs backwards
  • Cindy McCain
    • one of 7 stages that she owns
  • John McCain
    • may have a new stylist
    • more boring that watching paint dry, Dr. Colbert would know because he painted his screen so he didn't have to watch
  • gave the speech in front of another greenscreen, that people could use to put something more exciting behind him
    • Oetzie
  • John McCain is always prepared
    • met an pig at the Iowa state fair
      • on day one
  • protesters tried to disrupt the speech
    • the crowd chanted USA to drown out dissenters
  • Brit Hume reminded everyone of the potential disaster
    • mishap at Madison Square Garden
      • Dems nomintaed a balloon and dropped Jimmy Carter
  • Andrea Mitchell
    • was lost among the balloons

The Colbert Report Better Know A District UpdateEdit

  • Lynn Westmoreland
    • called the Obama's "uppity"
      • when asked to clairfy, he really meant uppity
  • Dr. Colbert proclaimed "What a cracker!"
    • Dr. Colbert's saltine has no intelligence
  • give it uppity to Lynn Westmoreland
    • replay his Better Know Footage from June 14, 2006
  • even after 2 years, still cannot name the ten commandments


  • governor of New York, it's been 100s of years, why can't we just call it "York"?
  • last time, the NY governor got into some trouble
    • nice to know him
  • nice guy
    • may have to crack a few heads
  • says Democrats have toughened up since 9/11
    • but not two republican parties
  • didn't want to sound like John McCain by answering a question with, "I don't know"
  • the basic difference between the party's messages
    • free market would kill health care
    • deficit
    • not helped businesses
  • believes the republicans were running Washington
    • Dr. Colbert doesn't know
  • they have something in common
    • They don't see race
  • legally blind
    • memorizes all his speeches
    • if Dr. Colbert had to memorize all his speeches, it would be "My fellow Americans, God Bless America!"
  • Spitzer promised to pardon all Stephen's tickets, would Paterson honor that promise?
    • He says he doesn't see "traffic"


  • as you no doubt guess the greenscreen footage of John McCain's acceptance speech is on The Colbert Nation web tube.
    • Dr. Colbert is off next week, go nuts!


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