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Production InfoEdit

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August 28, 2008
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  • Convedntion-al Is-Dumb
"It's the last night of the Democratic Convention! Spoiler Alert! They picked Obama!"
  • Barack To The Future
"Plus, is Barack Obama the candidate of the future!? Fine with me, as long as we elect John McCain in the present!"
  • Dabbling Brookhiser
"And my guest Richard Brookhiser has written a new book on George Washington! I hope he called it "Cherry-gate"!"

Flag quote open clear2
Hey, Obama, you want to impress me with a speech on the fifty-yard line of a football field!? Give it during the game!
This is
The Colbert Report!
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
August 28, 2008 The Colbert Report

Live From Denver!Edit

  • That's where the news is, and where ever the news is is where Stephen is
  • To prove it, Dr. Colbert
    • baking brownies using the high-altitude directions
  • Overlook hotel
    • Joe BIden's grandkids are staying there
    • Stephen is enjoying it so much, he wishes he could stay there forever and ever and ever.
  • the baking pan had the word "Obama" written in cake batter
  • The C-Desk has an oven

Barack's Adoring fansEdit

  • FOX might have the best or worst journalist in history!
  • judge candidates through the lens of the 1960's
  • Obama is threatening to take America past the cultural divide of the 60's
  • Tonight's Word: Acid Flashback
    • tupperware seals tightly and is hiding something
  • Obama got a kindergarten deferment
  • John McCain was a POW
    • making Obama technically a Viet Cong

Democratic Convention Formal Roll CallEdit

  • to make Obama's nomination official, they held a roll call
    • in Guam 4+3=9
  • New York delegation ended the roll call
    • Hillary said so!
  • Bill Clinton gave a speech supporting Obama
  • Democrats have no idea what they want
    • Joe Biden says get up
    • Bill Clinton says sit down
    • Dennis Kucinich says wake up
  • Joe Biden introduced his mother
    • again the hideous Chinese girl was the imposter


  • Rick Brookhiser
    • book: "George Washington on Leadership"
  • Washington was a bomb-throwing revolutionary, why should we honor him?
  • sometimes the established order has to take away our rights to protect us
  • First woman in the world voted in 1776 in New Jersey, it was taken away after 31 years
  • the people of Denver booed Brookhiser's insults thrown at New Jersey
  • Washington was a quitter
  • Washington's abilities
    • picked people to do things that needed to be done
    • also doesn't understand modern finance like McCain
    • a military man who can't use a computer
  • people only use computer to find Angelina Jolie's baby bump
  • Washington didn't have flag pins on his slaves
    • freed his slaves
  • Washington's teeth (made from hippo ivory)
    • America's first part hippo president


  • Dr. Colbert has to go over to Invesco Field to deliver his speech at the Democrat Nation Conven.
  • He'll be at C-2 of the parking lot throwing flares
    • the brownies are done
      • the low pressure of Denver's thin air causes havoc baked goods turning the brownies into a game hen


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