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July 29, 2008
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  • Geneva Circumvention
"There are new guidelines for CIA interrogators! But, you'll never get them out of me!"
  • Carbon Cop
"Plus, I sit down with Eric Roston, who has written a book on CO2 emissions! I'll cut our interview's emissions in half, by not letting him talk!"
  • New York State of Mine
"Then, I'm movin' on up to the East Side! For a de-luxe profile of New York's 14th District!"

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I always give it 110%! As I see it, somebody owes me a 10% refund!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
July 29, 2008 The Colbert Report

Great News: Stephen Is Furious!Edit

  • Ted Stevens was indicted
    • DoJ is calling this a conflict of interest
      • is not; they line up perfectly
      • President Bush will commute his sentence
  • John McCain challenged America as a nation
    • to wear sunscreen
      • follow up to wear clean underwear initiative
    • McCain blocks out the sun by wearing Lieberman
  • mustache=success
    • works with ladies
    • makes money
    • melts clocks

We're In More Danger Than EverEdit

  • keep America safe
  • hitting cyclists with his car=enhanced turn signal
  • Tonight's Word: Honest Belief

Better Know A DistrictEdit

  • Dr. Colbert finished a painting Whistler's Cathy which will be sent to
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art in the subject of the newest Better Know A District:
    • New York's 14th
  • public breast-feeding may be distracting


  • Eric Roston
    • carbon civilization's greatest threat: bomb the periodic table!
  • book: The Carbon Age
  • Carbon is the Al Qaeda of elements
  • don't be afraid of carbon; few know that much about it despite being the topic of more conversations
    • it's everywhere
  • no matter which element we base our economy on, the hippies would complain about how big our "select element" footprint is


  • If you've learned a little bit about yourself, you were wasting Dr. Colbert's time; you were supposed to be learning about hiim.


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