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June 26, 2008
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  • Pump It Up
"There's an upside to the gas crisis! It's a great time to be an oil conglomerate!"
  • Patriot Actor
"Plus, I profile a fireworks salesman who's putting a twinkle in America's eye! And it burns like hell!"
  • I'm Bringing Wexy Back
"And my guest, Congressman Robert Wexler, is on the show because it's a fun thing to do!"

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I'm about to take two weeks off! You know what that means!? Fresh Injuries!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
June 26, 2008 The Colbert Report

North Korea Nuclear ProgramEdit

  • revealed their full-frontal
    • 10/9 Nuculr Disclosure
    • Proof of residence
    • we can finally welcome home Liza Minelli
  • New Spot Open on Axis Of Evil
    • Iraq is out

Who we can call a terroristEdit

  • check paper
  • Spain is giving rights to apes
    • Spain is now in Axis of Evil
    • no more tacos, they are Freedom Shells
  • Supremes overturned DC's ban on handguns
  • President's job is to bury the Constitution
  • courts job overturn elections
  • Stephen will take a vacation to DC with Sweetness
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton will be packing heat!
    • he can barely handle her unarmed
    • possibly shot in the face by Norton

High Gas PricesEdit

Firework FreedomEdit

  • America's Patriotism is at an ebb
    • no country songs about kicking Arab ass
    • cannot keep eagles in their homes
  • Steve Pelky, Difference Makers


  • Robert Wexler
  • book Fire-Breathing Liberal
  • put Stephen in his book
  • too scared to repeat after Stephen
    • his love of cocaine only needs to be said once


Sweetness helps Stephen packs for his trip to Washington


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