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Production InfoEdit

Previous Episode
May 27, 2008
Production code:
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  • Preacher Feature
"John McCain rejects the support of two controversial pastors! Which gives me an excuse to show more Reverend Wright footage!"
  • Trailer of Tears
"Then, I preview more summer movies! Warning: this feature contains adult language and infantile behavior!"
  • Brainiac
"And, my guest, Brian Greene is the chairman of the World Science Festival! I'll show him my project: erupting like a volcano!"

Flag quote open clear2
We're starting summer hours here! Thank you and good night!
This is
The Colbert Report.
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
May 27, 2008 The Colbert Report

A Week Of Delayed OutrageEdit

  • Dr. Colbert had a great relaxing week off
    • The Mob followed him around with cameras

McCain Was Busy WorkingEdit

  • John McCain didn't get the day off either
  • John Hagee called the Catholic Church
    • the apostate church
    • The Great Whore
  • Hagee called Hitler a hunter sent by God to kill Jews
    • McCain then rejected Hagee
  • McCain also rejected Pastor Rod Parsley
    • Parsley is his porn name
  • Dr. Colbert's script:
    • National Treasure 3:

Gay MarriageEdit

  • The Bible is against it
    • Dr. Colbert always brings cubicle dividers to the beach
  • California Supreme Court legalized it
  • Not shocking
  • Dr. Colbert's solution:
    • one of you say you're a man or say you're a woman

Trailers That Are Destroying America!Edit

  • Dr. Colbert doesn't watch movies
    • he gets rage from the trailers
    • and the posters
  • The Incredible Hulk
    • pushing homoeco-agenda
    • metaphor for Al Gore
      • who, after he embraced the green agenda, got huge
  • Hancock
    • not about founding father John Hancock
    • most desctuctive founding father since Samuel Adams
      • behind the destruction of Stephen's big screen TV
    • Hancock unbeached Ben Franklin
  • Valkyrie
    • Gorlock advised Stephen to invest so he can approve
    • Tom Cruise plays a Nazi pilot
    • message: there were some good Nazis
    • opening pushed back 2nd time: Feb 14, 2009


  • Brian Greene
    • theoretical physicist
  • co-founded World Science Festival
    • quantum physics gave Stephen his cellphone


  • That's it for The Report everybody, good night and good nazis


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