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Production InfoEdit

Previous Episode
May 15, 2008
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  • Open Big House
"States are releasing prisoners early to save money! This is your lucky day Wesley Snipes!"
  • Tax & Spend
"Then, how should you spend your tax rebate check?! For tips visit The Colbert Nation Online Gift Shop™!"
  • My Interview with Andrei
"Plus, my guest, Andrei Cherny, calls the 1948 Berlin airlift 'America's Finest Hour'! What about the final episode of M*A*S*H!?"

Flag quote open clear2
Good things come to those who wait...


This is
The Colbert Report.
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
May 15, 2008 The Colbert Report

Special HolidaysEdit

  • Dr. Colbert loves an enthusiastic peter-out
  • Happy American Craft Beer Week!
    • not a fake holiday like Grandparents' Day or Women's History Month
      • recognized by Congress
  • Stephen discovered a tasty number: Pabst
    • it's good it won a Blue Ribbon
    • even good warm

John Edwards EndorsementEdit

  • gave it to Barack Hussein Obama
  • proof Obama is elitist
    • his friend has a $400 haircut
  • Edwards didn't get his jet ski yet
    • there is plenty of environmental damage not being done by Edwards, which Stephen will have to make up for
  • Hillary must be pissed
    • if Edwards gets one from the Clinton campaign, have someone else start it

Bush At The KnessetEdit

Stephen Watches CNNEdit

  • likes to place bets on whether there is food in Blitzer's beard
    • $500 bucks on noodle something
  • The Word: Jail Sweet Jail
    • Corrections Corporations of America
      • competition in incarceration

Rebate Check!Edit

  • Stephen received his rebate check
  • might not be enough to quit your job

Stephen Colbert's Bears & Balls!

  • rising food prices, save money on food
  • an alternative place to shop
  • Big flammable elephant in the room
  • The Colbert Tyro


  • Andrei Cherny
    • I'm no expert, but how much damage can a Hershy bar do?
    • believed humanitarian aid ended the march of communism and not Ronald Reagan


  • Stephen announces he will be off for a week and recommends watching his reruns.


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