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May 8, 2008
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Dr. Colbert discusses Hillary Clinton as though she were a fat guy a t a food place similar to a restaurant. She has Obama where she wants him.

Hie Jew Friend suggests Stephen wants Clinton to continue her attacks to benefit McCain.


There was no statement of truthiness, the show opened with the theme.

The Heroes Are Everywhere!Edit

  • Stephen remembers his first show.
    • people who watch the show are heroes
    • an astronaut is one of the heroes
  • Garrett Reisman
    • wore a wrist strong bracelet on the ISS
    • is a member of the Colbert Universal (We've gone galactic!)

Gas Has Gotten Kinda PriceyEdit

  • Stephen can't burn anyone in effigy
    • some people are pretending to be president!
  • oil corporations are forced to run ads!
    • proving oil is a zero profit venture
  • Exxon made $1,300/second!
  • next time a charity asks you for money, send them a dollar, let them to figure out how to make $40 billion out of it!


  • Arianna Huffington
    • believes the far right has highjacked America, with the dollar where its at, they could have bough ti!
  • book Right Is Wrong


The last fire before Memorial Day. Swiss Dr. Albert Hoffman, the scientist who invented LSD, passed away last week. Dr. Colbert's staff tried to get back at him, but all they could do is slash his tires.

His interns got him a page of tiny stamps, probably for postcards.

He licked them then rediscovered his studio and existentialism.


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