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April 30, 2008
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Dr. Colbert wears a $600 hat that he bought with his rebate check.

Actually, he bought a bottle of wine, followed with $10 worth of cough syrup and beat up Drudge and stole his hat.


  • Wright Off
"Barack Obama distances himself from his former pastor! Meanwhile, McCain distances kids from his lawn!"
  • Keep The Ballot Rolling
"Plus, the candidates keep criss-crossing the country! Hmm...I wonder why they wanna lift that gas tax!"
  • Noah Constrictor
"And my guest, Noah Feldman is a Harvard professor who helped write the Iraqi constitution! Why'd they include the right to bear arms!?"

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Duck, duck, duck, truth!
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 30, 2008 The Colbert Report


  • not court ordered
  • Dr. Colbert promised J.D. Salinger would be his guest
    • famous recluse
    • might drink his own urine
  • Emily
    • Stephen's guest booker, didn't get Gandhi either
  • Start Salinger Watch
    • (It's on 9 days) (one of his stories will be ripped out of Salinger's Nine Stories book)
      • First Story "A Perfect Day for Banana Fish"

Big Story On Campaign TrailEdit

  • Jeremiah Wright
    • guest starred on How I Met Your Mother
    • TMZ might have candid photos of him exiting his limo
  • Fox News' Catholic Pundits
    • do as they say, not as they didn't
    • Sean Hannity
    • Papa Bear

Democrat Nomination ProcessEdit


  • Noah Feldman
    • author of The Fall and Rise of The Islamic State
    • let's see how he does with Stephen's Christian anger (?)


That's it for The Report everybody; good night!


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