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April 8, 2008
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Dr. Colbert graciously apologized to His Jewish Friend (even though there is no such thing as Atonement for Christians) for being such a pussy about Stephen's totally hilarious gun-shot gag, which apparently frightened Stewart immensely.


  • Philadelphia Me-Dom
"More about my upcoming trip to Philadelphia! Remember, no brotherly glove, no brotherly love!"
  • Albright Already
"Then, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has written a book of advice for the next President! How many pages does it take to write 'Bomb Iran'!?"

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Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me...unless you throw a dictionary at me!
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 8, 2008 The Colbert Report

Stephen Is Tingly Inside!Edit

  • The Pope is coming to town!
    • if you're on his bad list, you will go to hell and become a lump of coal
  • Nothing like communion smothered in Nacho Cheese
  • Stephen invited the Pope to his studio
    • doorways modified to be miter-friendly
    • got Pope AirPope running shoes
    • a sexy specially engraved iPod
      • which has Mozart's something or other sung by actual cats
    • unbaptized baby!
      • original sin feels like a diaper with a load in it!

Stephen's Philadelphia TripEdit

  • everyone is talking
  • everyone in Pennsylvania to watch
    • all episodes will be button-free for the Amish
  • to benefit Pennsylvania public schools
  • PA students love Stephen and showed it by giving him pictures of the candidates

We Got Brimley!Edit

  • Wilford Brimley endorses John McCain!
    • As Brimley goes, so goes brown sugar and cinnamon
    • as a National Treasure, Stephen legally has to record everyone of his conversations



Thanked his guests Madeline Albright and Emmet Gwinn (sp)


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