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April 1, 2008
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Dr. Colbert talked about Hillary's train, and played a joke on His Jew Friend. Who then proceeded to reprise some lame joke from the '80s which Stephen then totally bested with his gunshot routine.


  • Body Politics
"I take a look at the future of healthcare! I really hope it's sexy robot nurses!"
  • Interest Rage
"Then, Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulsen, unveils a new plan for the economy! Everyone puts their money under one giant mattress!"
  • Collared Greens
"And my guest, Van Jones, promotes Earth-friendly jobs! But, if you hug a tree for money, doesn't that make you a green-collar prostitute?"

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I never proof-read my scripts so I have more time to bring you the turth.
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 1, 2008 The Colbert Report

April Fool's DayEdit

  • Dr. Colbert started the show dressed as a savage pirate!
  • 6 weeks ago he tried to donate his portrait to the Smithsonian
    • rejected by Brent Glass
    • accepted by Nat. Portrait Gallery
  • Capitol Police use segways
  • The Atone Phone rings
    • it's Brent Glass, who wants to feature the portrait for 2 more weeks (until April 13, 2008)
      • and finally admitted that Stephen Colbert is a National Treasure!

America's HealthcareEdit

  • Hillary wants every American to be insured
  • Barack has an angry black preacher
  • John McCain sleeps
  • The Word: Pick Sicks

America's Financial CrisisEdit


wants to create green-collar jobs


  • check out Dr. Colbert's portrait at the Air In Space Museum until April 13, 2008!


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