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March 18, 2008
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  • Don't Fear The Preacher
"Barack Obama gives a landmark speech on race in America! Meanwhile, John McCain gives a fiery speech to kids on his lawn!"
  • Striking It Reich
"Plus, I continue to hunt for Nazi Gold! Then, it's on for the search for Churchill's Wedgewood China!"
  • You've Gotta Foe
"And my guest, Carole King, will make me feel like a natural woman!"

Flag quote open clear2
If youre just waking up, that's how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 18, 2008 The Colbert Report

Barack Hussein Obama's SpeechEdit

  • Rosa parks drove a bus to Congress
  • Dr. Colbert is angry that Rev. Wright called America "she" (apparently he hasn't seen Florida)
    • if America is a she, he would hate to see her Adam's Apple
  • the media backed Obama into a corner. A corner with:
    • five cameras
    • eight flags
    • two microphones
    • thirty minutes of free, uninterrupted air time
    • where he is at his weakest
  • Barack Hussein Obama gave Stephen's blessings to:
    • we can accept a politics that breeds division and conflict and cynicism
    • we can play Reverend Wright's speeches on every channel, every day
    • and talk about them, from now until the election
    • we can speculate if all white men will flock to John McCain in the general election, regardless of his policies
    • we can do that
  • Yes we can! Yes we can!
  • Si se pueda!
  • Stephen thanks you, Senator Obama


Dr. Colbert will be taping The Colbert Report from Philadelphia, because:

  • it was available
  • it's priced for cable
  • is he reviving his presidential campaign
    • beat Richardson, who has to be Stephen's butler for a year
  • Stephen doesn't want to be president, just the power
  • no one had heard of many of the people who received The Colbert Bump
    • Huckabee
    • Ron Paul
    • Robert Wexler
  • now sponsored by Spicy Sweet Chili Cheese Doritos!
    • Live from Chiladelphia, The City of Brotherly Crunch!
    • 4 more years in his intestinal tract
    • spicy and sweet is a ticket Stephen can support!
    • taste like freedom
    • he's holding a caucus in his mouth!


  • Carole King (her name implies she doesn't support democracy)
    • singer/songwriter, rereleasing Tapestry

After the interview, she promised to perform a song that contains the word "Earth"


  • I Feel The Earth Move


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