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March 5, 2008
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  • Dems The Breaks
"Barack sees his shadow; seven more weeks of primaries!"
  • He-Man Woman Helper's Club
"Then, raising women's self-esteem...does it make them look fat?"
  • Rodriguest
"And then my guest, Gregory Rodriguez says Mexicans will change the way we think about race! From now on, we're thinking in Spanish!"

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Forget the wind, the answer, my friends is blowin' out my mouth
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
March 5, 2008 The Colbert Report

A Tribute To A Great American HeroEdit

Before starting the show, Dr. Colbert pays tribute to great American hero: Brett Favre, who announced his retirement from whatever it was that he did:

  • 61,655.
    • Stephen is impressed and Favre is a credit to his thing and assumes he will be missed

Stephen Looks At The Race For PresidentEdit

  • Jimmy showed a clip of Huckabee conceding to McCain
    • Stephen doesn't want to say Hucka-bye
  • Not McCain's reanimated corpse
  • Good news: Dems are destroying themselves
    • Hillary victories in Ohio and texas
    • Obama started speaking incoherently
  • Stephen predicts a brokered convention which will pick CNN's Election Computer with a Diebold Counting machine as its running mate
  • Robert Reich

Difference MakersEdit

  • man is an imperfect creature, but at least he refuses to live with the imperfections of women
    • International Women's Day (and International Shower Curtain Ring Day)
    • Jason Grunstra


  • Gregory Rodriguez
  • wrote a book that was also one of Cher's greatest hits!
    • it is appropriate for Stephen to call Mexicans mongrels, bastards, orphans or vagabonds


  • Dr. Colbert has some sad news: Gary Gygax, the inventor of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), passed away at 69. He will be missed. How much? (Stephen rolls a 20-sided dice) 20.
  • May Gary Gygax's prismatic spray always bypass his target's reflex saving throw.


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