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February 27, 2008
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  • McCain Mutiny
"At a John McCain rally controversy erupts! As do several hernias!"
  • Caffeine-Free
"Then, Starbucks closes everyone of its stores for three hours! They needed the time to open up 10,000 new stores!"
  • Pressed Secretary
"Plus, I sit down with former White House press secretary, Tony Snow! I'll ask him what gross things Scott McCleland left in his desk!"

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Hey, alternating current! Why don't you just admit you're bi?
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
February 27, 2008 The Colbert Report

Lovefest For McCainEdit

  • Dr. Colbert has always hated McCain (going all the way back to when Rush told him to)
  • Dr. Colbert is hooked on tainted beef (salmonelony)
  • Bill Cunningham,
    • local radio talk show host
    • tells jokes Stephen doesn't get at first
  • Barack Obama's middle name is "Hussein"
    • his daughter's names are Uday and Qusay
  • McCain may not (at long last) have any balls

Threat DownEdit

5. Monopoly

  • teaches kids to demolish cheap housing to make room for motels
Gdynia, Poland
Izmir, Turkey
San Francisco
  • thimbles are forms of currency
  • wheelbarrows are highest form of technology
  • dogs are lunch

4. Richard Branson (Sir Dick)

  • announced Virgin airlines will be fueled with biofuels
  • airplanes cannot be fueled with shaving creams (the most you can bring on is 3 ounces)

3. Bankruptcy

  • Sharper Image filling for bankruptcy
  • (R2D2 interactive droid, see right)

2. John McCain

  • backstabs Barack Hussein Obama is probably a terrorist
  • why quibble over 4# million on a cure for bears
    • we spend twice that much
  • McCain is soft on grizzlies
    • he fathered a black grizzly

1. ? After the break...

And Now The Thrilling Conclusion Of The Threat DownEdit

1. Starbucks

  • Fox and Friends told Stephen
    • all the Starbucks closed for three hours for retraining
  • Coffee Embargo
  • Stephen handled it with aplomb


Tony Snow



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