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Production InfoEdit

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February 11, 2008
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No statement of truth, show started with theme and opening graphics.


Big News WeekendEdit

  • Barack Hussein Obama wins all four contests and a Grammy (best spoken audiobook)
    • essential hardware for democrats
    • Maroon 5 is Stephen's first choice
    • beat Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Alan Alda (who has a vagina)
  • Bill Kristol
    • dance mix "It's No Longer A Question Of If (Girl, You Know It's Saddam Hussein)"
    • makes you want to move...your troops into Iran
  • Last Thursday Mitt Romney dropped out
    • turned around the Olympics
    • God help us if ice dancers ever get a nuculer bomb
    • time to say goodbye
  • Stephen proceeds to say goodbye with a video montage in homage to this once-great Republican Presidential candidate
  • John McCain is presumptive nominee
    • maybe too old
    • younger than John Warner
    • younger than Oetzi, The Iceman

Stephen's PortraitEdit

  • Dr. Colbert donated his portrait to America
  • Oprah can pull down satellites with her mind
  • Stephen called the director of the National Portrait Gallery, Marc Pachter to discuss the status of his portrait


Dr. Philip Zimbardo, author of The Lucifer Effect

  • professor at Stanford


Dr. Colbert closed with a hearty "Good night everybody!" and by making himself a post-show sandwich with George Washington's sword from the Smithsonian Institute


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Reviews and CommentsEdit

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