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No statement of truth, show started with theme and opening graphics.


Stephen Is All About DiversityEdit

Hold on nation, Stephen's got this one.

Third Annual Stephen Colbert's Ethnic Minute

  • Trivia: this is actually the first year Stephen has done this
    • first year:golf tournament
    • second year: forgot

Black History Month


Chinese New Year

Stephen thanks blacks for Peanut Butter

Chinese invented ice cream!

two great cultures that go great together

First Annual Black Chinese History New Year Month Minute (took 4 minutes)

  • lead singer from Fine Young Cannibals?
    • neither black, Chinese or America
  • Grace Jones
    • undeniably black, not Chinese, merely exotic
  • Lt. Worf of the U.S.S. Enterprise

Lieutenant Worf

  • Chinese (performs tai chi)
  • Black (poetic)
  • similarity to Barry White are eerie
  • more honors that Stephen can name
  • Honor and Success (in Klingon)

Middle Aged White Guys Like StephenEdit

  • Mitt Romney withdraws
  • John McCain will be the candidate
  • Mike Huckabee interrupts
    • hello? he still is in the race
  • Katie Couric powers her desktop map with a monkey paw
  • Colbert Big Board
    • utilizes air cushion technology
  • Huckabee says he will win Texas
    • it is important because it is big and has lots of delegates

Better Know A LobbyistEdit

the dramatic conclusion


Mark Moffett

  • studies amphibians (land or water, pick a side we're at war!)
    • frogs are now eating his ants


Dr. Colbert shows his fluency in Klingon by closing the show with a hearty:



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