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Production InfoEdit

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January 28, 2008
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No statement of truth, show started with theme and opening graphics.


Fruit Ripening On Dr. Colbert's TreeEdit

  • Barack Obama won South Carolina primary
    • despite rumours that he fathered a black child named Reagan I Love Reagan Obama

Kennedys endorse Obama

  • Ted
  • Caroline

But, why?

  • Obama reminds them of JFK

Stephen didn't like JFK, but

  • took direct orders from the Pope

Barack takes orders from a higher power

  • Oprah, or, as Stephen calls her, Poprah, copyright Stephen Colbert

Infallible Spiritual Leader NewsEdit

  • leader of the Mormon church Hickley died
    • cause has not been released
      • safe to assume it was murder

Stephen's proof:

  • who will benefit from the death?
    • Thomas Monson, who will take over the church
    • he could control our next Mormon president: Mitt Romney

not insane ramblings of a syphilitic brain

  • Who would want to kill him
"All writers should be put in a box and out to sea."
  • Stephen hasn't seen his writers for 3 months...
    • My Writers Killed the President of the Mormon Church
      • Stephen asks that they respond in 3-5 minute segments, allowing for commercial breaks

International NewsEdit

  • Mahmoud Ahmeni-My-Writers-Killed-The-Leader-Of-The-Mormon-Church-ijad
  • will visit Iraq
  • disturbing movie, Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi
    • director, writer, performer

South Carolina, What Could Have BeenEdit

  • South Carolina doesn't count because Stephen wasn't on the ballot


Rick Warren

  • author of Purpose Driven Life
    • purpose isn't to make money


Motherload VideosEdit

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Reviews and CommentsEdit

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