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Production InfoEdit

Previous Episode
Date: October 2, 2007 Season:
Episode: 317 Production code: 3124
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  • Reality Blights
"Is there more to reality than meets the eye? Or, could tonight's show be happening in a giant's finger?"
  • Not OK Computer
"And, I crack down on cyber-crime! As soon as I figure out how to load my printer driver!"
  • Oy Gevalt!
"Plus, my guest John Mearsheimer is a proponent of offensive realism! I agree; I'm offended by reality all the time!"

Flag quote open clear2
Hey pennyloafers!
Get to work and earn that money.
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 2, 2007 The Colbert Report

The End of the UniverseEdit

  • the The USA Today
    • "John Fogerty is Back Home" takes front page priority
    • "The End of the Universe" in section called "A Better Life"

The West-Fiddy FeudEdit

  • Kanye West v. Fiddy Cent
    • the market has spoken: George doesn't care about black people
    • there is a chalice in between
  • Tuesday October 9, 2007 drops in book stores wide
    • Paul Krugman is going to release his book on the same day
    • "All the Presidents Enablers"
    • "Department of Injustice"
    • "A Gay Marine Should Marry Your Only Son"
    • new pamphlet or bookmark to put in your Communist Manifesto, called "The Conscience of a Liberal"
  • The Challenge
    • if Krugman's book outsells Dr. Colbert's, Stephen will stop doing his show; if Dr. Colbert outsells Krugman's Krugman has to eat his conscience as embodied by a cricket

New ScientistEdit

  • new magazine (with Jesus)
    • used math to prove other Universes exist
    • alternate universes
  • Tonight's Word:

Nailed 'EmEdit



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