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Production InfoEdit

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Date: October 1, 2007 Season:
Episode: 316 Production code: 3123
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The Check-InEdit

Stephen recommends that if you buy 23 books this year, 14 of them should be I Am America (And So Can You!), coming to tome stands and volumeries next week (October 9, 2007).

Early reviews from Stephen himself after looking it over declare it "excellent".

Other reviews:

The "must-support-my-husband" book of the fall
My Wife Times Picayune

The Most American Book Ever is not for professionals (people who are good at reading); it's for Real Americans.


  • Iran Not Far Away
"Are we preparing for war with Iran? I hope so, we've got to free those hostages; it's Day 10,194!"
  • Snooze Alarm
"Then, can sleep deprivation kill you? It's a terrifying story, guaranteed to keep you up at night!"
  • Taming The Savage
"The, my guest Charlie Savage has written a book about the return of the imperial presidency. I hope this means we can feed the press corps to the lions!"

Flag quote open clear2
New York Mets, congratulations on your record-setting season.
This is
The Colbert Report.
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
October 1, 2007 The Colbert Report

Last Week's Democratic DebateEdit

  • cut and run from Iraq in 2013
  • what Democratic House Elf Dennis Kucinich carries in his pockets
    • carries a prayer from St. Francis of Assissi, which says: "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace"
    • Constitution
    • AFL-CIO membership card
    • 1960's Topps card of Indian's slugger Rocky Colavito
    • a fragment from Spanish philosopher Miguel De Unamuno that says: "Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible."
    • tea bag

Has been challenged to come on "The Colbert Report" to empty his pockets, until then, he's On Notice

Congress and IranEdit

CNN FearmongersEdit


  • Charlie Savage
    • imperial
    • checks and balances
    • if a TV president has more power than the real president then Hollywood has already won


  • Stephen invites the heroes to watch the sunrise with him.


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