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Production InfoEdit

Previous Episode
Date: August 9, 2007 Season:
Episode: 296 Production code: 3103
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The Check-InEdit

Dr. Colbert discusses anagrams made from candidate's names, with his Jew friend.

  • Joe Biden = I need job
  • Rudy Giuliani = Gaudily I ruin
  • Mitt Romney = memory tint
  • Fred Thompson = forms no depth
  • Barrack Obama = Osama bin Laden
  • Jon Stewart = snort at Jew
  • Stephen Colbert = rebel stench pot, a maverick ceramic taking on the establishment with the fetid smell of his truth!
  • Dr. Colbert then commands the Colbert Nation to continue their "Noble Traction"


  • Terror Firmer
"I take a fair and balanced look at the upcoming presidential candidates. Are the democrats too soft on terror, or are the Republicans the only ones who can save us?"
  • Delta Down
"Then, Katrina victims are still suffering, who do they insist on making Anderson Cooper sad?"
  • Apatow for Destruction
"And filmmaker Judd Apatow is here to talk about his new movie "Superbad", I assume it's about Hollywood's effect on America."
Flag quote open clear2
That tingling sensation means the truth is working. This is The Colbert Report.
Flag quote close clear2
~ Stephen Colbert
August 9, 2007 The Colbert Report

Wrist WatchEdit

  • awareness-raising WristStrong Bracelet
    • think about Dr. Colbert's wrist
    • two sizes: normal, wrist victim
    • neck=skull wrist
  • awareness is like a virus, need celebrity
    • besides the heroes
    • must surrender to someone more famous, up the fame food chain
      • fame awareness bracelet
  • Katie Couric was given a WristStrong Bracelet, and promised to wear it on the air, but video shows she didn't, fucking over Dr. Colbert

2008 Presidential CandidatesEdit

  • Dems have too many debates (4)
  • Islamic Terrorism said by Rudy
    • September 11th is starting to get jealous

Tip of The Hat, Wag of the FingerEdit

  • Tiny Wag
  • Tip
    • New York Times
      • reduced size of paper
  • Tip
    • Esquire Magazine
      • Pope Benedict, best dressed (accessories of the year)
      • Tom Brady
  • Wag
    • Katrina Refugees
      • cannot breathe formaldehyde
      • pick up yourself by your lungstraps



Quick word of advice, clip your toenails...


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