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Episode: 284 Production code: 3091
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Stephen is still working on item 499 of the Threat Down portion of The Colbert Report Solidarity Marathon.

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Ha ha! Ah... there! I broadcast my show for 24 hours straight in solidarity with Republicans during their forced overnight debate in the Senate. And it is over. Whoooo! I did it! Also, that means my 24-hour egg is ready. I do hate a runny yolk. This is The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
July 18, 2007 The Colbert Report

A Wake Up CallEdit

  • Stephen was refrightened by Al Qaeda
    • Our job as Americans is to be terrorized by terrorists
    • FOX News coverage
    • terror alert level in Stephen's pants: Code Brown
    • Al Qaeda acquired Junior High Gym Class Technology

The WordEdit

Smileyface (Smiley Face)

Bees in Stephen's BonnetEdit

  • The Vatican
    • going Carbon Neutral (reducing Pope-Announcing Smoke)
    • Moses and Burning Bush, not Moses and The Compact Florescent Light Bulb

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John Mellencamp

Round 2Edit

John Mellencamp performs Our Country.


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