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Episode: 274 Production code: 3081
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Stephen shares a dark reminiscence with John about the Even Stephven segments he used to perform with Steve Carrell.


  • No Shirt, No Shoes, Full Service
"Matthew McConaughey is named People magazine's hottest bachelor. It's his biggest honor since being named High Times magazine's highest bachelor."
  • Inheirit The White House
"Then, 68% of Republicans don't believe in evolution. On the other hand, only 5% of monkeys believe in Republicans."
  • Twanger Management
"Plus, country music star Toby Keith returns to the show. Let's see if he's As Good As He Once Was."

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I had a great Father's Day with all my kids – that I know of. This is The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
June 18, 2007 The Colbert Report

Happy 800th Anniversary of The Conversion of St. Francis of AssisiEdit

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  • Peter Taubinger
    • Germany's so-called "Robin Hood Banker" -- stealing is wrong, especially stealing from the rich. They're accustomed to having lots of money, so it hurts them more when you take it away.


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  • High Maintenance Woman


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