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Production InfoEdit

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Date: June 11, 2007 Season:
Episode: 270 Production code: 3077
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The Check-InEdit

Stephen describes how The Sopranos should've ended: A huge Mafia shoot-out that results in Tony Soprano being shot in the throat, and as he's bleeding to death, the screen does that dissolvy thing to black — Tony wakes up in bed, he's dreamed that for the last eight years he was a mobster in Jersey, and here's the kicker: His wife? Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City.


  • Class Test Dummies
"I give America's education system an 'A.' Good thing too, because our students don't know the rest of the alphabet."
  • Albanian Idol
"Plus, President Bush gets a warm reception in Albania. I told you we'd be greeted as liberators — somewhere."
  • G.I. Foe
"And my guest Dr. Michael Gershon believes we have a second brain in the gut. I'll ask him where he thinks the first one is."

Flag quote open clear2
Hey, Tony Awards, you forgot this performance: (sung with jazz hands) This is The Colbert Repoooooooort!"
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~ Stephen Colbert
June 11, 2007 The Colbert Report

College CommencementEdit

  • Harvard
  • Knox College
    • Stephen's address
    • Bill Clinton claims Stephen's degree was to help give him a ratings boost, and Clinton's was to allow Stephen to attack him.
      • Knox College degrees are fireproof and made of metal

The WørdEdit

Knox College degree vs. Bill Clinton cut-outEdit

  • Nailed him in the gut

Appreciating President BushEdit



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