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Episode: 259 Production code: 3066
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  • Objector's Cut
"...a college student complains about being forced to watch An Inconvenient Truth. He should sync it up with The Dark Side of the Moon. Blows the mind."
  • Buy AmeriCone Dream
"And, is CNN sending subliminal messages? Other than the things I see in Wolf Blitzer's beard? "
  • Quantum Read
"Plus my guest tonight is Walter Isaacson, author of the new Einstein biography. Hey, Einstein, way to write a book about Einstein."

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This way lies madness. Because I'm mad at a lot of things.
This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert

U.S. Attorney Firing Scandal EndsEdit

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Stephen's job is safe, thanks to the incriminating photos of Sumner Redstone in his safe deposit box.

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Walter Isaacson


Stephen celebrates the life of Ted Maiman, creator of the first working laser and lights the logs in his fireplace using the power of Heat Vision after his laser pointer fails to ignite them.


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