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Production InfoEdit

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Date: May 8, 2007 Season: 3 Episode: 255 Production code: 3062
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  • War & Puh-lease
"Hillary Clinton wants to repeal the President's authorization for the War on Iraq. As if the President needs authorization."
  • 'Nope-rah
"Then, Oprah picks a Presidential candidate and surprise! It's not Gayle."
  • Schrodinger's Swan
"And my guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written a new book about the power of randomness. Fire truck roast beef jackhammer."
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Hey, Transformers. Robots or cars?
We're at war. Pick a side.
<center>This is
The Colbert Report.
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~ Stephen Colbert
May 8th, 2007 The Colbert Report

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Presidential DebatesEdit

The WørdEdit

Threat DownEdit

5. Oprah!
4. Publicists!
3. Austrians!
2. Spiders!
Drowney the Bear
Kamish, Davis, Feingold & Lippmann
1. Knut!



Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Blah Blah --Sig

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