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July 2, 2009
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  • Hot House
  • Omission Accomplished
  • Man vs. Riled

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Next week it's reruns! I'll still be here doing the show, but the cameras will be on vacatipon!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
July 2, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • Dr. Colbert everyday he's banging balls with his competitors
  • he was scooped and spooned by Anderson Cooper
    • got the Chimpsclusive
  • Stephen is so mad he could throw his own feces
  • CNN found Bubbles in a nature preserve in Florida
  • Saddam had a pet named Kalid Sheik Muhamster


  • when he was

went thru environmental puberty

    • his globes have descended

  • scientists show us many things when their research isn't censored
  • Colbert Report Green
  • the house passed a energy bill
    • American Clean Energy & Security Act
      • John Boehner called it "this pile of trash"
  • GOP representatives called it a job killer
  • Congressional Budget Office calculated that it would cost everyone $175
  • Energy Secretary Chu recommended painting rooftops white
  • the perfect amount of sacrifice is someone else's
    • the source of all our heat
  • time to put out the sun
    • dangerous unchecked nuculer power in our neighborhood
  • for every breathe you take in, breath out twice
    • if we create enough CO2, we can put out the sun
  • do it so we don't have to stop doing anything we're doing right now


  • Dr. Colbert shares more behind-the-scenes
  • A Colbert Report, Re-Report


  • all over 26,000 feet
    • took 18 years
  • he got as close as 300 feet to the peak of Everest without going all the way
  • he is anti-sea-levelist
  • beautiful
  • fewer people
  • intriguing
  • has climbed Mt. Everest 7 times
    • 10 times and the 11th is free
  • can stay at the top 3 minutes to 1 hour
  • can get crowded
    • sometimes there can be 80 people
  • the top of Everest is about as big as The Colbert Report table
  • there may be a Cinnabon on Everest
  • the Colbert Nation Flag reached the summit of Everest
    • it was like Stephen went there too!
  • without oxygen one is slower physically and mentally
  • never earned anything less or deserved more than having The Colbert Nation flag planted at the peak of Everest


  • Dr. Colbert wishes The Heroes a good night and that he'll see us at the bar!


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