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June 4, 2009
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  • L. Ron Hubbub
  • Coitus Interrupter
  • Dag The Bible Hunter

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This show's got everything from soup to nuts! By the way, stay away from the soup, my nuts were in there!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
June 4, 2009 The Colbert Report


  • we are all as fresh as daisies
  • he ahs been a strong supporter of Wikipedia since 1994
    • and original base player for the grateful Dead
  • listed Tom Cruise as 5'10"
  • Arbitration Commitee
    • their robes are bathrobes
    • they do this until they get a life
  • the worst tragedy since the volcano incident


  • skimpy clothes and bare flesh
    • make Stephen think of abstinence only education
  • Obama cuts funding for it
    • only give money if you screw people
  • dangerous
    • National Abstinence Education Association
  • it is known for its breadth
    • don't have sex
    • have sex don't
  • teenage programs rigorous investigation
    • new spokesperson, Bristol Palin
      • imagine how many babies she would have had if she wasn't abstinent
  • Obama will remove a proven moral high ground
  • a few short months left to scare America's youth not to have sex
  • Aspire
    • warns teens if they choose sex instead of windsurfing
  • warn them spontaneous genital combustion
  • secks
    • if you do it ...
  • sperm came come back up and impregnating a boy with a baby in his nutsack
  • when it comes to finding real world alternatives to abstinence education, tell the kids: Just Don't Do It


  • doctor at a Toronto hospital is able to keep human lungs outside the body
  • will increase office productivity
  • looks like two sweaty armadillos doing it
  • or aerial views of Alan Greenspan


  • he's Swedish
    • wilcommen(sp)
  • turned the New Testament into a glossy magazine
    • like Cosmo or Glamour
  • the Bible tells us to reject sexy, worldly sex-based
  • the Bible is the most referenced, least read book
  • Why is Muhammed Ali in the Bible?
    • Swedish kids were asked who has done something good for the world
  • includes
    • Princess Di
    • Angelina Jolie
    • and Bono
  • is idolatry
  • it is Stephen's style to appear to be attack his guests
  • it is commercializing the Bible
  • brought a business model to the Bible
    • not discussion
  • any product placement?
    • includes a bottle of Coca-Cola
  • Sierra Mist might play a bit
    • Jesus could hold an iPhone
  • it matters if he is a Christian
  • men don't go to hairdressers, they go to barbers for their Bible talk
  • is mentioned in the book of Matthew



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