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April 29, 2009
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  • Retort Card
"Does our nation have an education problem!? For the answer, I'll flip to the back of the book!"
  • Hide from the Hog
"Then, more about the swine flu! Or, as America's pig farmers like to call it, bird flu!"
  • Punishment for Gluttons
"And my guest Dr. David Kessler thinks Americans eat too much! Which means he must have eyes!"

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Hey, mom! Let me say in advance: Happy Belated Mother's Day!
This is
The Colbert Report!
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~ Stephen Colbert
April 29, 2009 The Colbert Report

Obama's 100th DayEdit

  • applause is refreshing
    • usually the only standing ovation he gets is from his camera men
  • Obama's 100th day
  • got exactly what he wanted
    • an adorable new Senator
      • may be housebroken
  • one of his accomplishments
    • world tour of make-out sessions with America's enemies:
      • Venzuela's Chavez
      • China's Hu
      • Saudi Arabia's King Abdulluh
  • Obama may have too much influence
    • necktie denier Mahmoud Ahmadin-wecomefromthelandoficeandsnow-ejad revealed his re-election campaign slogan
      • not a horse French kissing the Loch Ness Monster
      • it is Farsi for "we can[1]"
  • Obama stole it from the Empire Canning Company of Syracuse, New York
  • Obama should have anticipated that Mahmoud was going to copy him and picked a different slogan
    • like "Yes We Can Stop Enriching Uranium And Give Up Our Nuclear Program"

I's On EdjukashunEdit

  • it's no secret public school teach kids all the wrong values
  • History
    • text books have a liberal bias
      • read from left to right
    • text books force students to read; should be in the title
  • pregnancy test of textbook
    • go to index and check the "Ronald Reagan" pages
  • Pop Quiz
    • Which statement reveals a liberal bias?
      • they all do
  • Civics
    • Obama signed Serve America Act
      • provide more classroom volunteers for schools
    • Ingraham mentioned "education centers"
  • Pop Quiz
    • if you have 75000 AmeriCorp volunteers
  • Students' Rights
    • officials stripped a 13-year-old student
      • Afterschool Specials are instructive and based on a true story
    • people stuck things in Breyer's underwear (mostly singles)
      • if he really shook it, he'd get a fiver
    • Scalia
  • Pop Quiz
    • slang term for marijuana
      • Correct answer: the cops are on the way; you better flush it

Swine FluEdit

  • everyone's talking about the swine flu
    • the CDC has released boring information
  • FOX knows better and is spreading ratings-sensitive
    • the new Black Death
    • SARS is so 2 years ago
  • Webcam questions from The Colbert Report Inbox
    • Enzyt might not cure swine flu, your johnson will be so mammoth you won't care
    • wear a surgical mask with a mouth hole
  • earliest symptoms is tasting like bacon
    • if you suspect someone is infected
      • scrap it off on the nearest
  • Susan Boyle has swine flu
  • Swine flu feeds on our fear
    • follow the rational advice of experts
  • if we don't we'll be doomed
    • excessive calmness may be a symptom of swine flu


  • former FDA Commission who believes Americans eat too much, looks like someone's getting kicked out of the
  • he is fascinated by the book
    • by fascinated he means enraged
  • manifest destiny is unbridled appetite
  • why control appetite
  • he believes in evolution
  • Americans must have a layer of fat in case of a famine
  • more people die of obesity than all infectious diseases and terrorism
  • Bin Laden is behind Dr. Colbert's Fry Daddy
  • behavioral pattern
    • excessive exposure of sugar, fat and salt
  • Christmas popcorn tins
  • in the pocket of Big someone
  • he used to be a fat, fat the water rat
  • the only way to lose weight
    • new learning: rehab
      • Dr. Colbert says, "No, no, no!"


  • Dr. Colbert reminds The Heroes not to forget to brush our teeth before we go to bed. That includes our feet teeth.


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